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Procedure for
opening Bank account

STEP1New Application

Open an account!

Apply with your PC or Smartphone
Please prepare your identification document (Residence card or Special permanent resident certificate) and enter your information.

  • Our services are available in Japanese only after your account application is registered.


Send by Post, Send by App

Please submit your identification document (Residence card or Special permanent resident certificate) by using smartphone App or by Post.

  • Our services are available in Japanese only after your account application is registered.

STEP3Initial Setting (Log-in)

Initial Setting Log-in

Please complete initial setting after receiving your cash card and initial setting guidebook.
After completion of inital setting, you can use our services.



  • Non-residents of Japan
  • Corporate application
  • Under 18 years old (If you are under 18 years old, please apply with Japanese application form.)
  • If you have Japanese nationality, please apply with Japanese application form.

Other information

Our services (including Customer Support) are only available in Japanese after your account application is registered.
You can't use some of our service.

Financial Crime Awareness

The following actions are considered as a crime and include criminal punishment. Please be aware and refrain from any kind of involvement.

【Examples of Financial Crimes】

  • Underground banking

    Operate a Banking Business without a license.
    Operate a Money Lending Business without a license.
    Operate a Money Transfer Business without a license.

  • Money Laundering

    Concealing and Transferring money obtained illegally.

  • Buying, Selling, or Handing over a Savings Account to a Third Party

    Allowing somebody to use your savings account (including buying, selling, or handing over a cash card).

    • There have been many instances where foreigners are often found selling their Personal Savings account before returning to their homeland. This is also considered as a crime so please be aware of your actions.
  • Using forged Credit Cards and/or Cash Cards

    Forging a Credit Card/Cash Card, as well as using a forged Credit Card/Cash Card.

Do not violate laws and regulations.

  • In Rakuten Bank, a customer can only have 1 account.
  • If you submit a counterfeit identification document during account application or take unauthorized use of our service, we block or close your account and report to regulatory authorities.


A Please enter your name stated on the identification document.
If you have Middle Name, please enter in First Name field and give a space between First Name and Middle Name.
e.g.) Taro Michael Tanaka
【Last Name】Tanaka【First 】Taro Michael
A We will inform you by e-mail when your account application is completed. After opened your account, we will send you some documents by mail. We sometimes contact you about your application. Please be sure to enter your contact information correctly.
A Please enter your cell phone number which you use in Japan. If you don't have cellphone number, please enter the phone number we can contact you (e.g. your company phone number).
A We send e-mail only in Japanese. Please confirm your Junk mail setting.
A You can download Rakuten Bank App at Japanese App stores only. If you can't use Japanese stores, please send your identification document by Post.

Rakuten Bank App (Free)

  • iPhone

    App Storeからダウンロード App Storeからダウンロード


    ANDROIDアプリ Google Play ANDROIDアプリ Google Play

※Rakuten Bank app is Japanese text only. Also, you can download it in Japanese stores.

Apple、Appleのロゴ、App Store、iPod、iPadのロゴ、iTunesは、米国および他国のApple Inc.の登録商標です。
iPhone、iPod touch、iPadはApple Inc.の商標です。
Android、Androidロゴ、Google Play、Google Playロゴは、Google Inc.の商標または登録商標です。

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